About Nicole


While models and other photo shoot professionals are more than welcome to book sessions  with Nicole, her most popular clientele is regular men and women just like you, who are looking for the perfect anniversary gift or for a boost to their confidence. Whether it is celebrating personal accomplishments or professional ones, often her clients are regular people looking to feel pampered and sexy for an afternoon. That afternoon produces stunning images that highlight the beauty and courage it takes to get in front of the camera. 


What makes photo shoots with Nicole such a positive experience is that she works with you every step of the way from a list of Dos and Don’ts before your shoot, to expert pose coaching during that makes sure that your greatest assets are highlighted. These photo shoots are not about molding clients into fake and unhealthy versions of themselves but about having a positive and fun  experience. Nicole goes through everything you need to know so that before you ever walk into the studio you feel confident about what you are doing, wearing and who you are going to be working with. Advice like not starving yourself before a shoot and what kinds of outfits will best accentuate your features while also still making you feel confident and sexy and much more. Having a photo shoot with Nicole has been described as the most empowering girls afternoon with great photos to boot and you’ll find yourself not wanting to leave when your session is done. 


Nicole’s team is a group of experienced women who not only understand their craft, be it hair or makeup, but they are also there to make you feel great as well as look it. They  help build you up and boost your confidence while providing a comfortable atmosphere of support and compassion. Life long friendships have been made in these sessions and the photographs showcase how empowering this experience can be when surrounded by like-minded and positive women. Of course men are absolutely welcome to book sessions as well and will find that that culture of positivity and support from Nicole’s team will help them to find their own power either in their strength  or vulnerability. Previously, male clients have found that these photo shoots provide permission to be the kind of man they want to be without all the toxicity and that body-positivity and pampering extends beyond gender. 


You’ll cherish the photographs for many years to come because they showcase you feeling healthy, happy and confident while of course looking incredibly sexy. There is no experience needed to book these sessions  because Nicole and her team take care of everything and you can feel confident that your experience will be fun, empowering and a wonderful way of giving yourself some self-love. 


My name is Nicole, owner of Nicole Murphy Photography, and through my journey as a photographer, I get to meet amazing people of all sizes, from all walks of life. There is something unique and beautiful about each person that I photograph, and I love that I get to explore and celebrate that with you. After a photo shoot with me, you will hold your head a little higher, smile a little wider, and hopefully, discover a sultry confidence that has never been discovered before