Frequently Asked Questions


Why can't I find a price list?


All of my photo shoots are individually designed for each of my clients and are fully customizable. Pricing is therefore dependent on a number of factors including (but not limited to): the type of shoot, the expected length, location, hair & makeup etc. For this reason, I quote prices on a client-by-client basis and will work with each client to create the experience they are hoping for. 


How far ahead do I need to book?  


As a rule, the more notice the better so that we can work together to create exactly the kind of experience you are looking for. Headshots can be booked within a few days because of their short shoot time. However, a more elaborate glamour/boudoir session would need a few weeks to confirm all of the details. Keep in mind that if you want to have prints or digital files delivered, there is additional time for editing, printing and delivery. I always encourage my current and future clients to message me with questions to make sure everyone is on the same page.


Do I need to put down a deposit?  

Yes you do. Everyone is required to put down a nonrefundable deposit to hold their date and time. This is standard practice for photo shoots and ensures that both the client and photographer are serious and on the same page regarding when and what kind of shoot they are doing.


Is it possible to have my hair and makeup done for the shoot?

Yes absolutely! I have an amazing team of professional hair and makeup artists on staff. Want to add Hair & Makeup to your photo shoot, let me know as there is an additional fee. My team is extremely talented and are there to make you feel confident and sexy from the moment you walk in until the end of your shoot. Remember, you don't have to be a model to look like one; check out the Before & After images for examples.


What do I need to bring to the shoot?  

Once a photo shoot is booked I will send you a suggested 'To Bring' list (for example: types of clothing, shoes, accessories).  You are never required to purchase items you do not have and can bring additional items that you feel may add to the shoot.  This is your shoot, so it is up to you what you would like to bring.


Will the images be used on the internet?

My clients' privacy and comfort is my number one priority. I do not post anything that I do not have permission to post. If you are willing to have your images shared I will have you sign a model release. Your photos will never appear online or anywhere else without your express and written permission. 


Can you retouch my images, example remove pimples, stretch marks or scars?


Yes I can. I am trained to use Photoshop and can remove any blemish within your images. All of these changes will be discussed and okayed by you before completed.


I am absolutely capable of retouching photos using Photoshop. I strongly believe in portraying my clients as real people that happen to be absolutely gorgeous (with the right posing) so I will not heavily retouch photos unless otherwise asked too. When preparing the photos for clients to review during their one-on-one reveal sessions, I will retouch minor blemishes however I do not fundamentally change the way my client’s look. 


Do you book for clients outside of Ottawa?  


Absolutely. I am based in Ottawa, Canada but love traveling and enjoy meeting amazing new clients all around the world! I have traveled across Canada and the United States doing amazing shoots with a diverse array of clients. 


More Questions?

Contact me via the contact form or email ([email protected]) for more information.