Boudoir & Glamour

Call it boudoir, call it glamour, these shoots are about capturing beautifully empowered moments in time. Each shoot is customized and designed for the recipient in mind from location, style, and posing to lighting and more. A confidence boost or fantastic gift, my boudoir/ glamour photo shoots are all about making you feel sexy and empowered regardless of gender, age, and etc. You can expect expert advice before and during your session on outfits, posing and more to ensure that you have the most positive experience possible and create unforgettable images. 


Headshots & Professional Portraits

Creating an engaging and professional portfolio of images for LinkedIn, media coverage, websites and more. My headshots and portraits are not simply point and shoot but rather capture my client’s personality while creating an air of professionalism at the same time. Be ready at any time with a portfolio that stands out among so many other basic headshots and portraits. 


Fine Art photography

Creating an image or portfolio that highlights the most creative and artistic sides of photography with close attention to composition, lighting and the story the image is meant to tell. Fantastic for diversifying your portfolio or creating high-concept art for your home or as a gift. 


Commercial photography

Whether creating custom content of your product for websites, print media or social media, having a comprehensive photo bank of your product or services readily available is essential to reaching future clients and customers. With years of experience in branding and marketing, Nicole knows exactly how to position your company and products to stand out from your competition and reach customers across the world. 


Image editing

Have images that need to be edited to fulfill your specific needs? With years of Photoshop experience, Nicole is able to customize your images either for personal or professional use. Packages for multiple or single image editing available. 


Custom design- postering, content etc

Need a poster developed for your event, or trying to create a social media campaign? Nicole has extensive experience in marketing and content creation and can create a custom design package for your unique needs. 


For more information or to book a shoot, please contact me via the contact form or email [email protected]